Latin American Catholic Community

Chaplain: Fr Martin Ignacio Gutierrez Rodriguez CS

Latin American Catholic Community
Phone: 3369 2000 (Tue, Wed & Thu | 9am-3pm)

Mass in Spanish

Christmas Mass 2018

  • New Farm
    Holy Spirit Church – 16 Villiers Street, New Farm
    Monday 24 December, 8:30pm (Christmas Vigil)
  • Jubilee
    St Finbarr’s Church, 202 Waterworks Road, Ashgrove
    Sunday 2 December — Community Posadas after 11:30 Mass
  • 16 – 24 December – Las Posadas (novena) celebrated in different houses
    Friday 21 December, 7:00pm – Las Posadas (novena at Holy Spirit Church, New Farm)
    Friday 24 December – Las Posadas (novena at own home)

(Anyone interested in attending, please call Melissa on 3369 2000 Tue, Wed & Thu, 9am-3pm)

The Latin Americans started arriving in Australia in big numbers in the ’70s (from Chile) and in the early ’80s during the days of civil wars in Central America. Most of these arrived under the Refugee or Humanitarian Grounds. It was around this time that the few religious/social gatherings gradually progressed into a more regular and coordinated events.

Meanwhile, as we may all know, the Spanish navigators were familiar with the shores and islands of Australia and New Guinea 200 years before Captain Cook arrived on the eastern coast of Australia. Settlement would have occurred during the gold rush in mid-19th century.

For many years since 1995, the Latin American Community have been attending regular Sunday Mass at St Ita’s Church at Dutton Park. Early in 2002, however, circumstances made the Community move base. When initial arrangements with Red Hill Parish did not materialise the search continued. They were made welcome at St Michael’s Parish in Dorrington but finally settled in Acacia Ridge in 2003.

Past Chaplains and Priests
Fr Antonio Portela until 1995
Father Angel Garcia MSC until 2000
Father Ruben Nadalich SSp / Fr Peter Doyle SSC (assisted)
Father Lauro Rufo CS
Fr Maurizio Pettena CS
Fr Hector Zuniga CS
Fr Luigi Usubelli CS

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