Cultural Communities

So you are not to be isolated.  At the heart of the new ministry and vision of this archdiocese I see more and more – is to ensure that more and more communities come to centre stage in the life of the church.  Not sitting out in the margin, looking the other way, but bringing yourself and your gifts to the very centre and heart of the church of this time.  So that you can be mightily involved in shaping the future in the way Jesus Christ wants.

– Archbishop Mark Coleridge, Multicultural Mass 2018

Multicultural pastoral care in the Archdiocese of Brisbane points heavily towards integration; from multicultural to intercultural.  Each Community, however, is as unique as a human fingerprint. The success of one Community’s integration into the archdiocese depends largely on how the latter interprets this action word. Integration should not be forced upon but rather firmly encouraged. Otherwise, the process simply becomes subtle assimilation under the guise of integration.

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