Mission & Vision


The Centre for Multicultural Pastoral Care, as an agency of the Catholic Archdiocese of Brisbane, exists to respond to the needs of migrants, refugees, asylum seekers, overseas students and tourists regardless of their race, creed or nationality.

Because we believe that all have the right to live in peace and harmony, we promote interaction and understanding of our culturally diverse nation among all people.

Our mission involves us in challenging the church and society to be true to its cultural diversity. It also demands that we be challenged by society.

Based on Christian principles, our mission demands that we uphold the sacredness and dignity of each person and that all people be treated justly.


We aim to be a key agency of the church having developed and promoted our profile within the church agencies and structures.

We are open to being challenged by the wider society and aim to work collaboratively with government departments, non-government agencies and church organisations.

We will facilitate a climate in which the needs of the ethnic communities will be responded to with respect and dignity.

We will challenge the church and society to be true to its multicultural reality in its spiritual expression, structures, representation and attitudes.

We are committed to effective and efficient delivery of CMPC services through facilitating and co-ordinating the establishment of a decentralised agency structure.


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