Italian Catholic Community

Mass for You at Home (Mass online)

Chaplain: Rev Angelo Cagna CS

Phone: 3358 3744
Website: Italian Catholic Federation
Facebook: Italian Mass Brisbane

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Mass Times
(Mass temporarily suspended due to COVID-19)

Holy Cross Church, 28 Chalk Street, Wooloowin
Sundays – 8.00am
Thursdays – 9.00am

Holy Spirit Church, Villiers Street, New Farm
Sundays – 8.15am
Fridays – 9:00am

Our Lady of Graces Church, Mayfield Road, Carina
Sundays – 10.30 am

Sacred Heart Church, Fairway Drive, Clear Island Waters
Sundays – 4:00pm

Saint Gerard: 146 Maundrell Terrace, Chermside West
Every First Monday of the Month at 10.30am

Mass listings in LOTE: Archdiocese of Brisbane


In the context of the Local Church and in communion with the Parish community, the Scalabrinian Chaplains offer their pastoral service to the Italian Community living in the area.

Migrant life is connected with the experience of being uprooted from your own environment and having to find a new life in a different set-up. This is true also as far as life of faith is concerned. In the old, native environment, faith is lived and expressed in ways that are not necessarily the same as in the place of arrival.

The transition can be very painful, and migrants run the risk of losing in the process their faith or experiencing a dangerous weakening of it.

It is not only migrants who are supposed to be open to new ways of living his faith; it is also a duty of the local community to be receptive, welcoming, appreciative of the different cultural expressions brought in by migrants.

The Scalabrinian Chaplains’ role and ministry can be described as a bridge-building mission, the work of someone who, with attention, respect and warmth, helps bringing together the natives and the new comers, making possible the COMMUNION IN DIVERSITY, which allows mutual enrichment and growth.

It is the vision of Pentecost, where there are no more barriers dividing and keeping different people apart, because the same Spirit moves Jesus’s followers in the same direction, although through different ways.

Some of the practical ways this is brought about by the Chaplain are: celebrating the Holy Eucharist on Sundays and other special occasions; administering the Sacraments of Christian life; visiting people in their places of life and work; being in a special way close and available to the sick, the elderly, the people with problems; animating groups within the community; creating links with the Parish Priest and the local community; encouraging both the migrants and the locals to learn from each other and to share their cultural and religious riches.

Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals are celebrated by the Chaplain wherever and whenever he is requested by people, and always in agreement with the Parish Priests.

Although belonging to a Religious Congregation (Scalabrinian Missionaries), the Chaplain works in the Archdiocese under the authority and leadership of the Archbishop, in communion with the other Pastors, striving to build up with them a united, committed and witnessing Christian Community.

The Chaplain on request and by previous appointment celebrates Weddings, Baptisms and Funerals. The Chaplain conducts regular Homes and Hospital visitation and answers emergency calls according to the need.

Chaplaincy Groups:

  • Charismatic Group Wooloowin
  • Charismatic Group Carina
  • Choir Wooloowin
  • Choir Carina
  • Choir Stella Maris
  • Gruppo Rosario New Farm
  • Gruppo Pensionati Italiani

Lay Associations:

  • Italian Catholic Federation (three groups: Aspley Geebung, North Brisbane, Friends in Faith)
  • Care and Concern (two groups: Aspley Geebung, North Brisbane)


RINTOCCHI (c/o Italian Catholic Federation North Brisbane Group) – A monthly magazine in Italian to help people to connect and celebrate their cultural identity. It features articles ranging from reflections on different topics and general information on the life of the Italian community both in Australia and in Italy to informing the vast public about events of common interest.



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