Timor Leste Catholic Community

For many years, Canossian sisters have ministered to the Timor Leste Community.  In 2019, Sr Odete Moreira FDCC finished her term and was moved to minister to the bigger Timor Leste community in Darwin.  At present, there is no replacement for Sr Odete.  For queries, please contact the staff of CMPC on 3324 3451.

Past Pastoral Ministers:
Sr Eufemia Lacerda fdcc (2002 – 2009)
Sr Odete Moreira fdcc (2010 – 2019)

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1975 – Independence from Portugal

20 May 2002 – Restoration of Independence Day

May 2009 – Blessing and opening of East Timor Community Centre which operated from Benarrawa Community Development Association in Graceville.

2002 – Friends of East Timor group met monthly at St James College, Spring Hill. Group was made up of dedicated volunteers that provide various forms of support to Timor Leste families and students in Australia.

Archdiocesan support through Fr Wally Dethlefs, Sr Eufemia Lacerda fdcc, St Josephs College, Fr Gerry Hefferan, Sr Odete Moreira fdcc, CMPC, Fr Jano, among many.


The Community gathers for Mass and special celebrations at St James College in Spring Hill.

Organiser and winner of a several soccer cups, community trips to Elimbah to support Timorese on working visas, visits to Toowoomba Flower show and the Botanical Gardens, and in 2018, fundraising towards and building of the Our Lady of Aitara shrine at Marian Valley in Canungra.

Additional info: Our Lady of Aitara  |  Statistics 2019

NB: In 1999 the Centre for Multicultural Pastoral Care, in collaboration with SVDP South Brisbane, set up the East Timor Emergency Relief Office to respond to the East Timor crisis.

Further information guide on general culture visit:
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Centre for Intercultural Learning (Canada)


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