We are a team of individuals committed to responding to the needs and gifts of people on the move.  We are responsible for assisting in the coordination of pastoral care for migrants, refugees and cultural communities in the Archdiocese of Brisbane and beyond.

2019 is an exciting year.  The Centre for Multicultural Pastoral Care (CMPC) now operates with five people working in the migrant, refugee and multicultural area in various capacities.

On photo from left:

Tricia Dakin – Volunteer
Tricia has been a volunteer at CMPC since 2005.  Tricia comes on Tuesdays each week to sort through and catalogue hundreds of Catholic Immigration Office files for ease of access and for future archiving.

Sr Odete Moriera FDCC (Cross Cultural  Pastoral Minister)
Sr Odete is the Pastoral Minister of the Timor Leste Community in Brisbane since 2012.  In late July 2018, Sr Odete began cross cultural work with the St Bakhita Sudanese Catholic Community.

Jessica Laidler (Project and Research Officer)
Jess began work at CMPC in February 2019.  Part of Jess’ role is to maintain CMPC’s connectedness with cultural communities in the archdiocese and to explore ways to develop the relationship between these communities and the Brisbane Catholic church.

Percy Pamo Lawrence – Cultural and Administration Officer (CMPC and EB)
Percy has had various administration support roles from 1995 with CMPC and the structures from which it operates including Evangelisation Brisbane.  Percy continues to foster information and awareness in multicultural pastoral care in the archdiocese and wider communities through information tools such as print, social media and website.

Cyde Cosentino – (Director of Evangelisation Brisbane and CMPC)
Evangelisation Brisbane (EB) is the archdiocesan agency from where CMPC operates.  As EB Director, Clyde gives direction on evangelisation initiatives in the Archdiocese of Brisbane, including multicultural pastoral care in the local archdiocese and beyond.


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